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Personal Accident Insurance

About this product

Kurnia Personal Accident Insurance protects you and your loved ones financially, when it's most needed. We'll take care of the expenses, so you can focus on getting better.

Comprehensive personal accident insurance

From as low as 13 sen per day.

24-hour coverage

Anywhere in the world.

Medical Expenses

All paid for, including traditional treatments.

Weekly Income Payout

Up to 52 weeks, if you're hospitalised due to bodily injuries from an accident.

Follow-up Treatments Covered

For a pre-determined period.

Ambulance Fees Payout

To take you to a hospital in the event of an accident.

Permanent Disablement Due to an Accident.

You will receive a lump sum payment

Accidental Death and Repatriation

A lump sum payment and bereavement allowance to your family, with repatriation expenses if you're outside Malaysia.

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