Customer Service Charter | Kurnia Insurance

Liberty General Insurance Berhad is committed in pursuit of delivering an exceptional service experience to our internal and external customers in tandem with our values as below:

Customer Service Charter

We are aligned and supportive with initiative by Bank Negara Malaysia along with PIAM, LIAM and MTA, that formalized the industry’s Customer Service Charter especially for the Malaysian Insurance and Takaful industry at large through 4 key pillars, namely:

Charter Steps

Our Commitment

We will set clear responsibilities towards customers and uphold it.

Our Service Level


We will set clear expectation on time taken for various services

services Delivery of Services
Information on turnaround time on delivery of services must be made available in the Client Charter through various channels (head offices / branches / brochures / call center / website)
standards Standard to be adopted:
  • Serve walk-in customers promptly
  • Customer waiting time: within 10 minutes
steps Customers shall be informed of each step and documentation required to amend, renew, surrender or cancel a policy, e.g. what happens when there are changes to the policy, notice on renewal, etc. as well as consequence arising from any of these actions.
renewal Customers are reminded in the renewal notice to inform the insurance company of any changes in the risk prior to renewal.
SOP The standard operating procedure when dealing with customers must be clearly complied with.

We will ensure efficient policy servicing and providing relevant documentation in a timely manner


  • E-policy - Immediate
  • Manual - 5 working days *(with the exception of new vehicles to be registered with JPJ)


  • Within 10 working days *(applicable for individuals only, not applicable to group)

Change of Policy Details, Reissuance Upon Lapse or Endorsement (upon acceptance in the policy system)

  • Motor - within 3 working days
  • Non-Motor - within 5 working days

Renewal Notice Issuance

  • 30 calendar days before expiry of existing policy

Cancellation or Surrendering of Policy (including refund of premium)

  • Motor - within 5 working days
  • Non-Motor - within 7 working days
Note: The timelines above do not take into account onboarding process – insurers / takaful operators have their own onboarding process/introduction to its products and services.

We will be open and transparent in our dealings

The following information shall be easily accessible and made available through the various channels of communication such as branches, brochures, call center, website and social media:

product Product related details, i.e. product features, product disclosure sheets, terms and conditions, key facts and exclusions will be shared at the point of sale.
fees Fees, charges (other than premiums), and interest (if any) as well as obligations in the use of a product or service (e.g. when premium needs to be paid and explaining payment before cover warranty).
anti-fraud Anti-fraud statement and key points to remember, i.e. confidentiality of customer information, free look period of not less than 15 calendar days (life & family takaful) & insurers / takaful operators’ right to reject or accept applications.
information All the above information shall be explained and stated using simple words in an easy to understand manner

We will follow through and provide the requisite answers and updates to customers’ queries & complaints promptly


Email/Social Media


Walk In Centre

helpdesk mail printer business
Where no follow-up is required, with a First Call Resolution

Where follow-up is required, within 3 working days from the date of the first call
Standard enquiry, within 3 working days

Acknowledgement on the email received within 1 calendar day
Standard enquiry, within 3 working days Where no follow-up is required, with a first touch point resolution

Where follow-up is required, within 5 working days

Note: Where enquiry is complex, insurers / takaful operators will provide a reasonable timeframe and keep the customer updated accordingly.

We will ensure consistent and thorough complaints handling

  1. Customers shall be informed of the various options for submitting a complaint through available channels.
  2. A verification process has to be performed on the policyholders and participants.
  3. Communicate clearly on the issue and gather adequate information for resolution.
  4. Address the issue in an equitable, objective and timely manner by keeping customers informed within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the complaint.
  5. If the case is complicated or requires further investigation, we shall inform the complainant accordingly and update progress every 14 calendar days. If not resolved, to update within another 14 calendar days. Thereafter, after every 30 calendar days.
  6. Keep the complainant updated if unable to address issues within the stipulated timeframe.
  7. Refer the complainant to the next level of escalation if the resolutions are not to the satisfaction of the complainants. Contact details of Bank Negara Malaysia LINK, BNMLINK and Financial Ombudsman Scheme must be clearly provided.

Note: Complaints handling and timelines is governed by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)’s Guidelines on Complaints Handling and insurers / takaful operators shall operate accordingly.