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Auto365 - Comprehensive Premier


About this product

Auto 365 Comprehensive Premier provides the ultimate protection in motor insurance. It is the only policy that gives you extended coverage against the forces of nature and also provides you with value added benefits to limit any impact on your current lifestyle.

It's all-risk feature makes this the perfect cover for those who own newer cars and want to protect their most prized asset.

Accidental Damage

Damage caused by unintentionally to your vehicle including impact damage caused by falling tree(s)

Attempted Theft

Damage caused by any person to your vehicle while attempting to remove your vehicle dishonestly from your possession without your consent

Unlimited named drivers

You can nominate as many named drivers as you see necessary to drive your vehicle at no additional cost

Accident / Breakdown Towing Assistance

Offer towing assistance within Malaysia up to 200km/roundtrip per anyone incident within Malaysia including unlimited toll charges

Compassionate Allowance for loss of vehicle

Pay compassionate allowance up to 5% of sum insured or RM5,000 (whichever is lesser) per incident due to vehicle total loss or stolen

36 months warranty for workmanship repair

Provide a 3 years warranty for workmanship repair by our approved panel repairer

Partial cover for convulsion of nature

Cover loss or damage of vehicle up to 20% of sum insured caused by flood, typhoon, landslide or any other convulsions of nature.

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