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Business Fire 365

About this product

Your property is your biggest investment which is why it is important to protect it. The thought of your property being damaged or destroyed by fire, lightning, explosions or any unexpected events would cause you to lose sleep.

Shield your property today with Kurnia’s Fire 365 from any unexpected events, at a right price.

Kurnia’s Fire 365 covers your property against perils such as fire and explosions. It also further offers additional coverage against flood, falling trees, earthquakes, riots and much more.

We understand that during such unexpected occurrences, you will need extra assistance or services. With Kurnia’s Fire 365, we will assist you with repair cost, removal of debris and inconvenience benefit in the event of fire and flood.

For protection against business interruptions following an unexpected event, please enquire about our supplementary Fire Consequential Loss 365 product as well.

Debris Removal

Up to RM7,500 to clear debris from uninsured property.

Inconvenience Benefit

RM5,000 if your property is damaged by fire or flood.

Temporary Repair and Protection Cost

Up to RM5,000.

Additional Covers

Protection against flood, falling trees, earthquakes, riots and more.

This is just a summary of the policy. Please refer to the policy documents for more information.

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