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MediGuard Premier

About this product

While it’s worth paying any amount for good medical care, there’s no sense paying more than you have to. Get covered for nearly all possible medical needs with Kurnia mediGUARD Premier. It provides holistic coverage with hospitalisation and surgical insurance as well as out-patient insurance.

It’s also convenient. You can enjoy hassle-free admission at any of our panel hospitals with a medical card; or pick any hospital you want and make your claims post-discharge.

Hospital Accommodation

Hospital Room & Board – up to RM600 a day for up to 365 days. Intensive Care Unit – full reimbursement for up to 20 days.

Medical & Surgical Procedures

Full reimbursement for Medical & Surgical Procedures.

Annual Out-Patient Kidney Dialysis and Cancer Treatment

Covered up to RM60,000.

Special Benefits

AIDS Diagnosis to receive up to RM10,000 per lifetime, Home Nursing benefit of up to RM10,000, Health Screening voucher included.

Overall Annual Limit

Up to RM150,000.

Double Overall Annual Limit

Applies for accidental injuries while travelling overseas; up to RM300,000.

Major Medical

Up to RM35,000 per lifetime limit.

Lifetime Limit

Up to RM600,000.

Accidental Death

Up to RM50,000.

Permanent Total Disablement Due to Accidental Injuries

Up to RM50,000.

Bereavement Benefit on Accidental Death

Up to RM1,500.

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