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Houseowner & Householder Insurance

About this product

Your home is your castle. And its best defence against the unexpected has to be our homeowner insurance plan. No matter what happens, it will give you the financial support to restore your home, better and stronger than ever.

Building Insurance

To cover the physical building of your home, inclusive of fire insurance.

Household Contents Insurance

To compensate for loss or damage of home contents and the death of the Insured Person within 3 months of injury.

Rental Loss Insurance

Compensates for loss of rent due to a dwelling being rendered uninhabitable by covered events.

Personal Liability Insurance

Covers up to RM50,000 worth of liability if you are sued for injuries due to unsafe conditions in your insured property.

Kurnia Houseowner & Householder Insurance

Covers your home against damage caused by most natural disasters, accidents and criminal acts.

Increase your home insurance coverage

To include even more eventualities for just a small additional premium.


The Building Cost Calculator (BCC) is intended to be used as a guide to help you in determining the estimated sum insured for your residential property, shop house or shop office.
You are advised to review the sum insured to provide for the actual cost of rebuilding, including any renovation and inflation to avoid underinsurance.
Please click HERE to visit PIAM's website for the BCC calculator as your reference.

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