Basic Cover

The basic fire policy covers loss of or damage to residential or commercial building, furniture, fixtures and fittings caused by or arising from:

  • Damage by fire & lightning
  • Damage by explosions of domestic boiler or domestic gas cylinder not forming part of a gas work
  • Damage by water or other extinguishing agents used to put out the fire
  • Damage resulting from gaining access to a fire
  • Smoke damages caused by fire

Interest Insured

Items that can be insured are:

  • Building, renovation
  • Furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • Office equipment, plant, machinery and utensils
  • Stock in trade
  • Rent
  • Removal of debris
  • Professionals fees
  • Personal Effects & Household goods

Premium & Extensions

The basic premium is calculated based on a standard fire tariff rate prescribed by Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) and is affected by the class of construction of the building, trade carried out at the premise and sum insured.

At an additional premium, the basic policy can be extended to cover loss of or damage to caused by and not limited to the following:

  • Riot, strike and malicious damage;
  • Explosion of boilers and pressure vessels;
  • Impact damage by own vehicles and third party vehicles;
  • Aircraft Damage;
  • Bursting and / or overflowing of water tanks apparatus and pipes (excluding sprinkler system);
  • Bush / Lalang Fire;
  • Spontaneous combustion;
  • Storm and Tempest;
  • Flood;
  • Earthquake and volcanic eruption;
  • Damage by falling trees or branches and object there from;
  • Sprinkler leakage

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