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Auto Shield Insurance

About this product

Auto Shield Insurance covers drivers and passengers of a covered vehicle in the following instances; while driving, riding as a passenger, boarding or alighting. This can be used to provide additional protection for individuals who already own a Kurnia Comprehensive Motor Insurance policy.


Available to Kurnia Comprehensive Motor Insurance policyholders and their authorised drivers / passengers aged 3 to 70 years old.

Vehicle Spray Painting Expenses

Covers vehicle spray painting costs of up to RM1,000

Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement

Up to RM120,000 (for private vehicle)

Medical Expenses

Amount of RM2,000 (includes Corrective Dental and/or Cosmetic Surgery & Ambulance Fees)

Hospital Income

RM50 per day up to 30 days

Funeral Allowance

Amount of RM1,000

Daily Inconvenience Allowance

Receive RM50 per day up to 10 days for downtime when your vehicle is being repaired.

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