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MediGUARD Supreme

About this product

Your medical needs tend to grow with age. So it makes no sense that it gets harder for you to get comprehensive medical coverage at a time in your life when you probably need it most. To answer this, we created Kurnia mediGUARD Supreme, which gives you lifelong medical protection up till age 85. Choose from 6 plans, thoughtfully crafted to give you the freedom to live your golden years with complete peace-of-mind.

Supreme Sharing

Enjoy 10% off your Annual Premium when you purchase Kurnia mediGUARD Supreme for yourself and one or more family members

Supreme Savings

We’ll take up to 40% off your Annual Premium depending on your preferred level of deductibles – giving you the flexibility to pay only for the coverage you need.

Supreme Rewards

Kurnia mediGUARD Supreme offers you a 5% No Claims Bonus annually – up to 50% over your first-year limit.

Hospital Accommodation

Hospital Room & Board – up to RM1000 a day for up to 180 days. Intensive Care Unit – full reimbursement for up to 120 days.

Allowances & Reimbursements

Up to RM150 daily allowance for up to 180 days at Government Hospitals. RM50 reimbursement for medical reports.

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