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No Fault Own Damage


What is a No Fault Own Damage Claim?

Same as an Own Damage Claim, except your NCD (No Claims Discount) is NOT forfeited.                    

This claim is applicable when it is deemed that an accident is not your fault.                                      

Only cover damages to your vehicle specified in Policy, excluding compensations such as compensation of assessed repair time unless you have extension coverage on CART 

Who can make a No Fault Own Damage Claim?

Only valid for comprehensive motor insurance policyholders.

How To Make A Claim?

  1. Report accident to the police within 24 hours as required by law.
  2. Send your vehicle to an authorised panel repairer. Find a repairer nearest to you here or call us at Toll-Free Number : 1 800 88 3833 & 1 800 88 6333 for assistance.

Note - Read and understand the "Claims Guide For Motor Accidents" by Bank Negara Malaysia. Click on your preferred language (English | BM | Chinese).


What Are The Supporting Documents?

  1. Claims Form
  2. Police report (original copy)
  3. Updated vehicle ‘s registration card
  4. Insured & Driver's Identity Card (copy)
  5. Insured & Driver’s driving license (copy)
  6. Insurance policy/certificate (copy)
  7. Hire Purchase Agreement (copy) – applicable if there is hire purchase
  8. Vehicle permit (for commercial vehicle)
  9. Good’s driving license (GDL) or Public Services license (PSV)- for commercial vehicle
  10. Business registration (copy)- applicable for company registration vehicle.
  11. A signed declaration letter from Insured
  12. Third Party’s Police report
  13. Police finding or Police compound
  14. Police sketch plan & keys
  15. Third party Vehicle’s insurer

General FAQ


1. What are the documents I should submit for ODN claim?

In addition to OD claim documents, you need to submit:

  • A signed declaration letter by insured;
  • Police report lodged by the third party insured/driver;
  • Police finding and Police sketch plan & keys if available;
  • The insurance particular of the third party’s vehicle involved


2. What is the condition for an ODN claim?


You are not at fault for causing the accident. Such determination of fault shall be at Our entire discretion.

ODN can be made provided always that: 

  • Third Party vehicle is insured and identifiable
  • NOT a vehicle used for carriage of passengers for hire or rewards (e.g. taxies, public buses etc.)
  • NOT a vehicle insured by non-Malaysian insurers
  • NO personal injury claim involved