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Third Party Property Damage Claims *to other insurer


What is a Third Party Property Damage Claims (to other insurer)?

Also called  Knock For Knock (KFK) claim.                                                  

 A  claim made by you against a 3rd party insurer for the cost of repairs in the event of an accident that happens in accordance with a KFK agreement. 

How To Make A Claim?

  1. Report accident to the police within 24 hours as required by law  
  2. You may opt for sending your vehicle to our Panel repairer for repair.

Note - Read and understand the "Claims Guide For Motor Accidents" by Bank Negara Malaysia. Click on your preferred language (English | BM | Chinese).

What Are The Supporting Documents?

  • Police report (original copy)
  • Police report slip (copy)
  • Updated vehicle ‘s registration card or proof of ownership
  • Claimant’s Identity Card (copy)
  • Claimant’s driving license (copy)
  • Insurance policy/certificate (copy)
  • Business registration (copy)- if applicable
  • Third Party’s Police report
  • Police finding or Police compound
  • Police sketch plan & keys
  • Repairer estimate or repair bill 
  • Adjuster’s report and original photographs depiting damages
  • A signed demand letter from Insured
  • Photos of the scene of accident with the vehicle in its original position prior to being towed away (if available)                              
  • Other relevant documents which may be requested by the third party Insurer 

General FAQ


1. What is TPPD claim settlement basis?

Third Party Claim will be settled on reimbursement basis when you have incurred losses.


2. Should I send my vehicle for damage repair at your panel repairer if I opt for TPPD claim against third party’s Insurer?

You may send your vehicle to your own preferred repairer but you are encouraged to approach our panel repairer


3. What is Compensation for Assessed Repair Time (CART) claim?

CART is the new terminology for loss of use approved in accordance to Bank Negara Malaysia Guideline. You can claim CART under TPPD claim against third party insurer for the loss of usage when your vehicle is garaged for repair. Assessed Repair Time is to indicate the compensation is based on the independent loss adjuster’s assessment of the time required for repairs.

It shall exclude any delays, howsoever and/or by whomsoever caused, which may occur before and/or after the actual repair.


4. What is the difference between CART under own policy benefit and CART against third party insurer?

Insured can enjoy CART benefit by payment of additional premium based on cover purchased on rate per day and number of days. Such benefit is similar to TPPD-CART as it shall be payable based on the loss adjuster’s assessment of the days required for actual repair but exclude any delays howsoever caused whether the claim for loss or damage to your Vehicle either lodged with us or against a Third Party.

In any dispute, the assessed repair time determined by Us shall be final.

As for the insured’s third party claim on CART, is subject to the principle of indemnity and any sums paid under this benefit will be subtracted from the said third party claim