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What is A Theft Claim? 

A claim made if your vehicle is stolen.


Who Can Make A Theft Claim? 

Only valid for comprehensive motor insurance policyholders or those with a 3rd part fire and theft motor insurance policy.

How To Make A Theft Claim?

  1. Make a police report within 24 hours as required by law. Please bring a copy of the police report for claim form requisition.
  2. You can request claim form from the nearest Branches or call us.

What Are The Supporting Documents?

  1. Claims Form  
  2. Police report (original copy)  
  3. Updated vehicle ‘s registration card
  4. Insured & Driver's Identity Card (copy) 
  5. Insured & Driver's driving license (copy) 
  6. Insurance policy/certificate (copy) 
  7. Hire Purchase Agreement (copy) – applicable if there is hire purchase 
  8. Vehicle permit (for commercial vehicle) 
  9. Good’s driving license (GDL) or Public Services license (PSV)- for commercial vehicle 
  10. Business registration (copy)- applicable for company registration vehicle. 
  11. AP permit (copy) – for imported / recond imported vehicle

General FAQ


1. What should I do next after I submit my document?

Please render your full cooperation with the appointed adjusters or AmGeneral representative as you will be interviewed for a statement on the theft incident.

Should your vehicle be recovered, notify us immediately to obtain our consent to tow out from police station. We may need to arrange for damage survey by our appointed adjusters prior towing.


2. How fast my theft claim can be approved?

We shall approve your claim within 6 months and/or police investigation have been finalized and completed, whichever is earlier.