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Kurnia Express / Extended Warranty / Motor PA Claims


Kurnia Express Claims

Immediate settlement for Own Damage Claims, offering a faster, easier, more efficient and convenient way to make a motor repair claim.

Who can make a Kurnia Express Claim?

  • Only valid for private car comprehensive motor insurance policyholders.

  • Only one Kurnia express claim can be made in 365 days (date calculated based on the last Kurnia Express claim).

Extended Warranty Claims

It is a claim that covers the Repairs and/or Replacement cost of vehicle parts and components that fail to operate as a result of Mechanical or Electrical breakdown and/or failure.

Motor Personal Accident (PA) Claims

Personal Accident insurance or PA insurance is an annual policy that provides compensation in the event of Disability or Death caused by violent, accidental, external and visible events.

Motor PA protects your finances by providing a lump sum compensation in the unfortunate event of a fatal accident or one that disables you permanently. The compensation shields you and your loved ones from a financial crunch. This insurance also covers accidental hospitalisation costs and weekly benefits.

Note: The amount of compensation depends upon the sum insured.

Who can make a Motor Personal Accident (PA) Claim?

An individual Insured person(s) / An insured entity or a valid Nominee when acting on behalf of someone who had died due to accidental means as stipulated under the Personal Accident policy.

Kurnia Express Claims

  1. Report the accident to the police within 24 hours as required by law.
  2. You need to bring the vehicle and required documents to our Head Office or nearest branches within 48 hours.
  3. Submit the claim at our office with the required documents (Insured and Driver need to be present).

Note: If the police report is not available at the time, you may submit the “police report slip” instead of waiting for the police report. The police report must be submitted at any time before the payment is made.

Extended Warranty Claims

  1. In the event of a claim, you are required to send your vehicle to the nearest Service Provider’s Authorised Service Centre / Approved Repairer.
  2. All claims must be supported with relevant documentation.

Note: We may need you to authorise certain work to Service Provider Workshop before they can commence any work since the approved repairer cannot ascertain whether the failure is covered by this Policy / Schedule / Warranty Service Booklet without dismantling your vehicle.

Motor PA Claims

  1. Obtain the claim form from our Head Office or nearest branches.
  2. Insured / Insured Person / Claimant needs to fill in the claim form. Please include the relevant supporting documents as required.
  3. Kindly submit the completed claim form via our agent or to the nearest AmGeneral Insurance branches.

Kurnia Express Claims

  • Claim form
  • Police report (original copy)
  • Police report slip (this can be used to initiate the claim but the original police report is still required)
  • Updated vehicle's registration card / vehicle ownership certificate (VOC)
  • Insured's and driver's identity card (copy)
  • Insured's and driver's driving licence (copy)
  • Insurance policy/certificate (copy)
  • Business registration (copy) – company registered vehicles only

Extended Warranty Claims

  • Warranty service booklet
  • Warranty service contract certificate
  • Service maintenance record and invoices as proof of servicing
  • A copy of your identity card (IC)
  • Updated vehicle's registration card / vehicle ownership certificate (VOC)
  • Diagnostic report or photos showing faulty components
  • Photos showing full view of your vehicle, engine number and chassis number.

Motor PA Claims

The details below are the minimum required documents to support your claim. Please be aware, however, that the claims examiner may require additional documents at the time of review of your claim.

To expedite the claim process, please provide all documents directly to the claims examiner and include the policy/claim number in your subsequent documents’ submission.

1. Accidental Death

  • Completed claim form
  • Death certificate
  • Post-mortem report
  • Burial certificate
  • Police report and copy of driving licence (if involved in a motor vehicle accident
  • Letter of administration (claim > RM100,000) and statutory declaration from next of kin (claim < RM100,000)
  • Sijil faraid for Muslims
  • Nominee relationship proof (e.g: birth certificate, marriage certificate)
  • A copy of national registration identity card (NRIC)

2. Permanent Disablement (PD)

  • Completed claim form
  • Police report and copy of driving licence (if involved in a motor vehicle accident)
  • Medical report including comment on the percentage of disability
  • Original photographs of insured person / claimant (full & close up on the injury and disability)
  • A copy of national registration identity card (NRIC)

3. Hospital Income

  • Completed claim form
  • Medical report
  • Copy of in-patient hospitalisation invoice
  • Police report (if involved in a motor vehicle accident)
  • A copy of national registration identity card (NRIC)

4. Ambulance Fee

  • Completed claim form
  • Police report (if involved in a motor vehicle accident)
  • Original receipt of the ambulance fee
  • A copy of national registration identity card (NRIC)

Note: The above documents are not exhaustive as further supporting documents may be required if deemed necessary.

Kurnia Express Claims

1. What are the benefits of making a Kurnia Express Claim?

  • It is a simple process.
  • Claim is processed immediately upon receipt of full documentation. Vehicle must be driven to our Head Office or any of our branch offices within 48 hours for claims up to RM5,000* for comprehensive and up to RM10,000 for auto365 policies.

2. What are the conditions for making a Kurnia Express Claim?

  • Lodge a police report within 24 hours.
  • You have 48 hours to notify us.
  • The car can still be driven and not towed to us.
  • The estimated cost of repair is up to RM5,000* for comprehensive and up to RM10,000 for auto365 policies.
  • Ensure claim documents are completed.
  • Duly signed Claim Form.
  • Documents for submission must be clear and easy to read.

Please note that no Kurnia Express claims are allowed within one calendar year from the last Kurnia Express claim filed. If you need further clarification or information, you may call us at 1 800 88 3833.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

3. What should I do if my Kurnia Express claim is rejected?

You can send your vehicle to an approved repairer for normal own damage repair.

4. Will my NCD entitlement drop to zero with a single claim?

If you or anybody else meets with an incident that will give rise to a claim on this policy, the NCD entitlement that you have accumulated will drop to zero at the next renewal and your NCD will start all over again. If a claim is received after the NCD has been applied, we shall be entitled to recover the NCD given to you.

Exception to this Rule:

Your NCD will not be affected even if a claim is made if:

  • We are of the opinion that you are not at fault for causing the loss;
  • The offending vehicle is identifiable and is not a vehicle used for carriage of passengers for hire or reward (for example taxis, hire cars, public buses, stage buses, school buses and factory buses for hire);
  • The offending vehicle is insured by a Malaysian licensed insurer; and
  • There is no death or personal injury claim involved.

Extended Warranty Claims

Important Terms and Conditions

  • Parts used in repairing your vehicle may be manufactured by other manufacturers but will still be compatible with the age and condition of your vehicle.
  • No repairs may be undertaken or commenced under the terms of the warranty service contract without prior approval from us.
  • We reserve the right to examine the vehicle and subject it to independent assessment.

Motor PA Claims

1. What is meant by "accident" and "accidental death"?

An accident means an event resulting in bodily injury occurring whilst this policy is in force, where the injury is directly and solely caused by accidental, violent, external and visible means and where the injury is not self-inflicted.

Accidental death means death occurring as a direct result of an accident that took place while the life insured was covered under the policy and where death occurs within 12 calendar months of the accident.

2. I have a personal accident policy with another insurer. Can I take up another policy with AmGeneral Insurance? Will both policies pay for claims?

Yes, you can take up a PA policy with more than one insurance company. In the event of a legitimate claim, you will receive the full amount payable under your PA policy even though you have received compensation from another insurance company, except for medical expenses where we will only reimburse you for the amount that has not been reimbursed under any other policy.

3. Can a person claim for medical expenses due to illness/disease?

No. A PA policy pays only for medical expenses to treat bodily injury caused by accidental means.

4. Does Personal Accident (PA) insurance provide coverage for Bereavement/Funeral Expenses?

Yes, if you choose to purchase our PA Supreme Insurance policy and/or Kurnia Star PA Insurance policy or other specially arranged policy.

5. What are the weekly benefits?

If the insured person is temporarily unable to engage in or attend to his/her profession or occupation due to bodily injury caused by an accident as certified by a medical practitioner, the Company will pay the Insured Person the amount specified under Weekly Benefits (Temporary Total/Partial Disablement), effective from the date of confirmation of such temporary disablement by a registered medical practitioner.

6. I already have a health and life insurance cover. Why should I buy Personal Accident Insurance?

Life insurance offers death benefits to your nominee in case of your demise. Health insurance provides compensation and/or reimbursement of hospitalisation and other medical expenses.

A PA Insurance policy, on the other hand, insures against financial risk that could arise due to accidental injury, permanent total disability or accidental death of the insured person by offering a variety of benefits e.g. death, permanent disablement, hospital income and weekly benefits.

7. I am a homemaker who spends the majority of time at home. Do I also need personal accident insurance?

Accidents can happen to anyone anywhere. Motor accidents, rail accidents, natural calamities, the list is endless and can sound scary. But getting intimidated is not the solution, being financially prepared is. Opting for Personal Accident Insurance helps you to meet expenses in case a crisis arises.

8. I have a family to support. To whom will the payment be made in the event of death?

For Muslims:

The settlement amount will be paid to the person mentioned in the sijil faraid, which will be required irrespective of the amount involved.

For Non-Muslims:

a) Policy with Nominee

All you need to do is to nominate the beneficiary in the policy document. The settlement amount will be paid to your nominee by the insurance company.

b) Policy without Nominee

  • Statutory declaration will be required for claims less than RM100,000 (< RM100,000).
  • Letter of administration will be required for a claim more than RM100,000 (> RM100,000).
  • The settlement amount will be paid to the person as mentioned in the letter of administration.