Program Adiwira Topi Keledar Phase 2

Program Adiwira Topi Keledar Phase 2

Following the success of the pilot programme, MyPerintis and Kurnia Insurans together with Ministry of Education launched the Phase Two of Program Adiwira Topi Keledar to reach out to more schools and students, nationwide. In March 2019, the collaborative parties kick-started the pilot programme to distribute 1,500 child-sized helmets to 30 primary schools in Klang Valley, Johor Bharu and Kota Bahru. “During the roadshow, we engaged 27,000 students with road safety activities. We hope that these 27,000 students will be able to advocate on the importance of wearing the right protection when on the road,” said Grace Quah, Chief Distribution & Underwriting Officer.


Program Adiwira Topi Keledar Launch
Official Launch of Program Adiwira Topi Keledar Phase 2 on the 24th August 2019


With encouraging reception from partners as well as incredible support from the Ministry of Education, District Education Office, teachers and parents, MyPerintis decided to create Phase 2 of the programme with a target of 50,000 child-sized helmets to be distributed across 200 schools in Malaysia, engaging B40 schools nationwide. “We have completed Phase One together and we want to do more for Phase Two. This is a testimony of a successful public and private sector partnership to demonstrate strong social responsibility in making Malaysia roads a safer place,” said Dato’ Lawrence Low, Founding President of MyPerintis.


Program Topi Keledad Adiwira School Roadshow
School roadshows from phase 1 earlier this year


In supporting the cause as our CSR initiative, we will be supporting half of the journey to give the program a head start by providing up to 25,000 helmets and to reach up to 100 schools nationwide, engaging more than 100,000 children with road safety activities to increase road safety awareness. “This scale only covers 3% of the primary schools in Malaysia, but we need to start somewhere. We are committed in our vision to help make Malaysia a Safer Place, and we call on all Malaysians to join us in protecting our children,” said Derek Roberts, Chief Executive Officer. “Only 15% of the pillion riders wear proper helmets travelling to and from Sschool. Most of them either don’t wear a helmet or they wear toy or adult helmets. Changes need to happen now, and we need help and support from all Malaysians. We hope to be able to rally our strong network of partners and internal in supporting MyPerintis in this cause,” he added.


Providing a platform to empower public to be self-involved and sponsor a helmet, MyPerintis is driving this campaign with Kurnia as the main sponsor to encourage corporations and fellow Malaysians to play a part in making our country a safer place on the road for all Malaysians at all age.


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