Dedicated to Your Life-Long Medical Protection

Anyone can be protected during their youth, but as you grow more advanced in age, it becomes harder for you to be covered against the unexpected, especially when it comes to medical situations. With this in mind, Kurnia Insurans created Kurnia mediGUARD Supreme, which offers comprehensive medical coverage renewable up to 85 years of age. Choose from six thoughtfully-crafted plans dedicated to covering you medically when you need it the most, giving you the peace of mind to live the way you want.

Are You Eligible?

Kurnia mediGUARD Supreme is applicable for Malaysians aged from 30 days till 60 years old, with renewal available up to 85 years of age for those who enrol before age 61.

Supreme Sharing

Enjoy 10% off your Annual Premium when you purchase Kurnia mediGUARD Supreme for two or more family members (including yourself) simultaneously.

Supreme Savings

Kurnia mediGUARD Supreme offers up to 40% off your Annual Premium depending on your preferred level of deductibles, so you can balance your needs against your financial commitment.

Supreme Rewards

Kurnia mediGUARD Supreme provides a rewarding No Claims Bonus scheme where your Overall Annual Limit is increased by 5% (up to a maximum of 50% of your 1st year policy Overall Annual Limit) when no claims are made within covered period.

Benefits at a Glance

Kurnia mediGUARD Supreme brings you a host of relevant and enhanced benefits dedicated to your life-long protection. These include:


In-Hospital Benefits


Hospital Room & Board
Up to RM1000 for a maximum of 180 days


Intensive Care Unit
Full reimbursement up to 120 days


Medical & Surgical Procedures

Full Reimbursement for Medical & Surgical Procedures
These include:

  • Surgical Fees (including post-surgery care up to 90 days from date of surgery)
  • Operating Theatre & Anaesthetist Fees
  • Pre Hospital Diagnostic Tests & Specialist Consultation up to 90 days prior to admission
  • In-Hospital Physician Visits up to 180 days
  • Post-Hospitalisation Treatment within 90 days from date of discharge
  • Hospital Supplies & Services
  • Prescribed Medicines within 180 days during hospitalisation and 60 days after discharge
  • Ambulance Fees


Daily Cash Allowance
Up to RM150 per day to a maximum of 180 days at Government Hospitals


Medical Report
RM50 reimbursement


Additional Benefits

Insured Daily Guardian Benefit
For guardians of insured children below 15 years; up to RM100 per day to a maximum of 180 days


Annual Out-Patient Kidney Dialysis Treatment
Full reimbursement up to Overall Annual Limit


Annual Out-Patient Cancer Treatment
Full reimbursement up to Overall Annual Limit


Organ Transplant (Per Lifetime Limit)
Full reimbursement up to Overall Annual Limit


Home Nursing
Up to RM10,000


Out-Patient Physiotherapy Treatment
Full reimbursement for treatment within 90 days from discharge


Emergency Accidental & Dental Out-Patient Treatment
Full reimbursement; applies if treatment is sought within 24 hours and followed up within 60 days


Critical Illness Diagnosis
Double Annual Limit upon diagnosis of critical illness; up to RM600,000


Up to RM10,000 per lifetime benefit upon diagnosis


Health Screening


Medical Second Opinion
According to benefit provisions


In-Hospital Physician Visit
Increased daily limit from 1 to 2 visits per day.


Overall Annual Limit
Up to RM300,000


Lifetime Limit
Up to RM900,000



Kurnia mediGUARD Supreme premiums are based on the type of plan you choose, and will vary according to the age of the Policyholder. The premium is applicable for standard health and physical status and decision to adjust the premium or impose certain restrictions on coverage or reject the application is subject to health declaration and findings of each individual.  In addition, loading may also be imposed based on height and weight of the insured person. All premiums are inclusive of 6% GST.


Aged 30 Days – 18 Years:                From RM721.86 per annum

Aged 19 – 25 Years:                         From RM818.32 per annum

Aged 26 – 35 Years:                         From RM867.08 per annum

Aged 36 – 45 Years:                         From RM1013.36 per annum

Aged 46 – 55 Years:                         From RM1499.90 per annum

Aged 56 – 60 Years:                         From RM2181.48 per annum


Renewal Only

Aged 61 – 65 Years:                         From RM2960.58 per annum

Aged 66 – 70 Years:                         From RM3934.72 per annum

Aged 71 – 75 Years:                         From RM4907.80 per annum

Aged 76 – 80 Years:                         From RM5881.94 per annum

Aged 81 – 85 Years:                         From RM7302.34 per annum


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