MediGuard Family

Protect Yourself and Your Family Against Escalating Medical Costs

We understand that nothing is more important to you than the health of your family, and you want them to be financially ready should a medical emergency occur. That’s why we designed Kurnia mediGUARD Family to protect not just yourself, but your loved ones as well. Comprising comprehensive medical and hospitalisation benefits, Kurnia mediGUARD Family also provides you the flexibility of having a medical card, which provides hassle-free admission and discharge at our panel hospitals, or going without one and choosing any hospital you want – just settle your bill upon discharge and submit the required documents to Kurnia Insurans for claims reimbursement for covered condition. Additionally, you can also choose to extend the cover for your family with a host of out-patient clinical benefits for greater peace of mind – and greater happiness!

Are You Eligible?

You are eligible to enroll for Kurnia mediGUARD Family up to age 65. The minimum enrollment age is from 30 days to 19 years (if unmarried) or up to 23 years old (if unmarried and completing tertiary studies). You have the option of renewing up to age 85 provided that you are enrolled before age 61.

Benefits at a Glance

Kurnia mediGUARD Family comes with a comprehensive selection of benefits, including many invaluable optional ones. These benefits include:


Section A: Comprehensive Benefits

In-Hospital Benefits


Hospital Room & Board
Up to RM600 for a maximum of 365 days


Intensive Care Unit
Full reimbursement up to 20 days


Medical & Surgical Procedures

Full Reimbursement for Medical & Surgical Procedures
These include:

  • Surgical Fees (including post-surgery care up to 60 days from date of surgery)
  • Operating Theatre & Anaesthetist Fees
  • Pre Hospital Diagnostic Tests & Specialist Consultation up to 31 days prior to admission
  • In-Hospital Physician Visits up to 365 days for 2 visits per day
  • Post-Hospitalisation Treatment within 60 days from date of discharge
  • Hospital Supplies & Services
  • Prescribe Medicines within 365 days during hospitalization and 60 days after discharge
  • Ambulance Fees


Out-of-Hospital Benefits

Out-Patient Benefits

Annual Out-Patient Kidney Dialysis Treatment
Up to RM60,000


Annual Out-Patient Cancer Treatment
Up to RM60,000


Emergency Accidental & Dental Out-Patient Treatment
Full reimbursement; applies if treatment is sought within 24 hours and followed up within 31 days


Out-Patient Physiotherapy Treatment
Full reimbursement; within 60 days from discharge


Extended Benefits

Organ Transplant
Full reimbursement per lifetime limit


Daily Cash Allowance at Government Hospital
Up to RM100, maximum 365 days


Insured Daily Guardian Benefit
For guardians of insured children below 15 years; up to RM50 per day to a maximum of 365 days


Medical Report
RM50 reimbursement


Second Surgical Opinions
Up to RM300


Special Benefits

Up to RM10,000 per lifetime benefit upon diagnosis


Home Nursing
Up to RM10,000


Health Screening
Health Screening Voucher is included


Overall Annual Limit
Up to RM150,000


Double Overall Annual Limit
Applies for accidental injury while travelling overseas; up to RM300,000


Major Medical
Up to RM35,000 per lifetime limit


Lifetime Limit
Up to RM600, 000


Personal Accident Benefits

Accidental Death
Up to RM35,000


Permanent Total Disablement Due to Accidental Injury
Up to RM35,000


Bereavement Benefit on Accidental Death
Up to RM1,500


Section B: Optional Benefits

Out-Patient Clinical Benefits

Out-Patient GP Care
Covers consultation, medication and diagnostic tests (for accidental injury only) conducted at Physician’s office or clinic;

Panel Clinics : Co-Payment of RM5 is applicable per visit and cover unlimited visits per annum
Non-Panel Clinics : Reimbursement of up to 80% of actual charges OR maximum RM20 per visit subject to Emergency basis only


Out-Patient Specialist Care
Covers consultation, medication and diagnostic tests (for accidental injury only) conducted at Physician’s office or clinic; Co-Payment of RM5 is applicable per visit and cover up to RM100 per visit (inclusive of co-payment) subject to referral by panel clinics only


Preventive Screening
For annual Pap Smear or Prostate-Specific Antigen; full reimbursement at panel GP clinics only


Overall Annual Limit


Lifetime Limit



Kurnia mediGUARD Family premiums are divided into three categories and vary according to the age of the Policyholder as well as the chosen plan. The premium is applicable for standard health and physical status and decision to adjust the premium or impose certain restrictions on coverage or reject the application is subject to health declaration and findings of each individual. In addition, loading may also be imposed based on height and weight of the insured person. All premiums are inclusive of 6% GST.


With Medical Card
From RM564.86 per annum*


Without Medical Card
From RM510.14 per annum*


With Medical Card & Out-Patient Clinical Benefit Option
From RM880.74 per annum*


* Based on applicant aged 0-18 age next birthday


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