Your home insurance protects against damage to the physical structure of your house, but what about everything inside, the things that truly make your house a home? Kurnia Householder Plus Insurance was designed to complement your existing home and fire insurance with protection that extends to your personal effects and household goods – because we know, it’s what’s inside that really counts.

Are You Eligible?

Kurnia Householder Plus Insurance is available for all houseowners, householders and house renters.

An Inside Look at Premiums

Premiums for Kurnia Householder Plus Insurance are determined based on the following:

  • Household Contents Value of RM25,000 or Less - RM178.08
  • Additional Content Value - RM5.30 for every additional RM1,000 content value or part thereof
  • Additional Personal Accident Cover - RM10.60 per person if exceeding 5 people
  • Stamp Duty - RM10.00

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Key features

  • Section 1: Household Contents - Up to RM25,000 for damage to household goods and personal effects; comes with sublimit for valuables, namely up to RM5,000 for jewellery and personal accessories, up to RM5,000 for antiques, paintings and other works of art, and up to RM1,000 cash; may be extended to include property temporarily removed (except those removed for sale or exhibition or to furniture depositories within territorial limits) with coverage of up to 15% of Total Sum Insured in Section 1
  • Section 2: Accommodation Expense - Reimbursement of up to RM7,500 on accommodation at a hotel, lodging house or boarding house due to Insured residence being rendered uninhabitable; RM250 per day for up to 30 days
  • Section 3: Personal Liability - Covers personal liability of up to RM75,000
  • Section 4: Personal Accident - 24-hour worldwide coverage of up to RM10,000 each for up to 5 family members including the policyholder; 24-hour Malaysian coverage of up to RM5,000 for domestic helper
  • Protection extends to the following perils - Full Theft, Bursting or Overflowing Water Tanks, Apparatus or Pipes, Fire, Lightning & Explosions, riot, Strike and Malicious Damage, Impact of Vehicle, Earthquake, Typhoon, Windstorm and Flood, Aircraft and other Aerial Devices and/or Articles Dropped Therefrom, Subsidence and Landslip, Any accidental external cause not excluded under the policy

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