Perfect Rider 24hr

Worldwide Personal Accident protection for everyone with vehicle breakdown and towing assistance within Malaysia


Accidents can happen anywhere & anytime. Perfect Rider 24hr is the ultimate Personal Accident Plan for You and your loved ones. For vehicle emergencies, you will get round-the-clock vehicle breakdown assistance with unlimited towing services, anywhere in Malaysia.

In the event of a motor vehicle accident during a national public holiday in Malaysia, all Insured Persons will enjoy double indemnity protection up to RM160,000 per person. 


1.    A Malaysian, Permanent Resident of Malaysia, Work Permit/Pass Holder in Malaysia and his/her legal spouse/ child/children / parent/employee who are legally residing in Malaysia or 

2.    A Corporate Body registered in Malaysia to cover its employees

3.    The age of proposer, his/her legal spouse/parent/employee is 18 years to 85 years old

4.    The age of proposer’s child/children who is/are financially dependent on him/her is 30 days to 18 years old or up to 23 years old if he/she is studying full-time in a recognized institution of higher learning


For Insured Person working as or involved in the types of occupation listed below (whether on a temporary or permanent basis), no benefit shall be payable under this policy for Accidental Bodily Injury whilst on active duty of any of the following activities:-
Racer, professional sportsman, seaman, logger, off-shore worker, air crew member, fisherman, horse jockey, professional entertainer, explosive maker/handler, ship crew, test pilots and drivers, stevedores, professional divers, fireman, underground worker/miner, member of armed forces, naval military or air force service or operations, police force and rescue service.

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Key features

  • Accidental Death – Lump sum payment up to RM80,000 per person
  • Permanent Disablement – Lump sum payment up to RM80,000 per person
  • Medical Expenses, Corrective Dental and/or Cosmetic Surgery and/or Ambulance Fees – up to RM500 per accident per person
  • Bereavement Allowance – RM500 per person
  • Outstanding Credit Card Balance – up to RM500 per person
  • Double Indemnity During A National Public Holiday in Malaysia as a result of a motor vehicle accident – Lump sum payment up to RM160,000 per person
  • Vehicle Breakdown Assistance and Towing Service Within Malaysia for unlimited distance including Unlimited Toll Charges but only applicable for a private vehicle registered under Proposer’s name
  • Standard policy plan covers up to 4 named Insured Persons and additional premium applies for any additional Insured Person