Basic Cover

The Contractor's All Risks policy is specially designed to cover engineering projects involving construction of buildings and other civil engineering works. The Contractor's All Risks insurance provides coverage against:

  • Material damage to work under construction.
  • Damage and loss to contractor's plant, machinery and equipment.
  • Damage to Principal's existing property.
  • Damage to third party property and/or bodily injury arising in connection with the contract work.

The policy provides coverage for the duration of the construction period and maintenance period.

Interest / Person Insured

Insured parties include:

  • Principal
  • Main Contractor
  • Sub-contractor

Examples of construction projects insurable under a Contractor's All Risks policy are:

  • Buildings (residential, industrial, halls, stadiums)
  • Civil works (dams, power plants)
  • Towers, chimneys, silos
  • Roads, railway lines, airports
  • Breakwaters, jetties, river control works
  • Tunnels, bridges, and
  • Other miscellaneous work

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