KlinikGuard | Kurnia


About this product

Employees falling ill are a real concern for an employer. Not only does work output get affected; the rising cost of their medical care can also have a significant impact on your margins. Kurnia KlinikGuard has the solution. It offers broad out-patient clinical insurance coverage that complements your existing Group Medical Insurance. It’s easy, stress-free and helps get your team back to full health and productivity at minimal cost to your business.

Out-patient Insurance Benefits

Can be tailored to suit your company’s needs.

Medical Care

Wide network of panel clinics and hospitals makes things more convenient.

Detailed Utilisation Reports

Allowing you to track how the benefits are used, when and by whom.

Full range of benefits

Choose between two categories of plans, enjoy full coverage at all panel clinics and hospitals and in emergency, you can opt for non-panel services.

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