Hassle-Free Healthcare for Corporations

The rising cost of healthcare can adversely affect the well-being of companies and business owners, who are responsible for taking care of their employees’ needs. Fortunately, Kurnia KlinikGuard offers broad Out-Patient Clinical coverage that complements and enhances existing Group Medical Insurance for a more comprehensive employee healthcare offering.

Stress-Free Plans

Policy Benefits that can be tailor-made to suit the needs of each company, Kurnia KlinikGuard provides excellent flexibility and value for money. Our wide network of panel clinics and hospitals also makes things more convenient.

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Pain-Free Management

Kurnia KlinikGuard helps remove non-core staff healthcare administrative work from company HR departments. Plus, with detailed utilisation reports, employers can keep track of how the insurance is used, when and by whom. Kurnia KlinikGuard is the perfect complement to Group Medical Insurance.

Benefits at a Glance

Kurnia KlinikGuard comes with two broad categories of plans, namely Out-Patient Benefits with or without a Specialist. This applies for panel clinics and hospitals only. For non-panel services, reimbursement will be up to a maximum of 80% of charges or RM20 (whichever is lower), limited to emergency situations only.

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