Basic Cover

The money policy provides cover against:

  • Money in Transit
    Loss of money whilst it is being transported from Insured's premises to the bank and vice versa in respect of wages / salaries and / or collection from clients / customers which are being carried either to the bank or to the Insured's premises
  • Money In Premises
    Loss of money whilst kept in the premises and money contained in locked safe / strongroom as a result of theft or hold-up accompanied by violence committed by persons other than the Insured's employees.
  • Damage to Safe
    Loss or damage to safes and strong rooms resulting from theft or any attempt threat.

Eligible Proposer

Any person or business organisation that requires coverage for Money which is defined as Cash, Bank Notes, Cheques, Money Orders, Postal Orders, Bills of Exchange and unused Stamps.

Premium & Extensions

Premium is calculated based on the amount of money insured, type of safe used to keep the money in the premises and for money in transit - limit per carrying, estimated annual carrying and use of security firm with armed guards for transporting the cash.

At an additional premium, the policy can be extended to cover:

  • Personal accident assault
  • Hold up / armed robbery
  • Strike, riot and civil commotion

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